FMS Whitepaper v3

Project Name: FMS Social Network

Jan 5, 2023


FMS is an open-source social and blogging platform that uses web3 technology to power its services. Users can create profiles and share content by posting articles, blogs, images, videos, etc. or join groups with similar interests. FMS makes it easy for users to discover new topics of interest and connect with other members who have similar views.

It is a website where you can be a member and do activities with other members, join groups to talk about things you're interested in, buy stuff from the store, or blog about something on your mind. You can also use this website to sign in with web3, which is a way of signing in that is more secure than using a password.

FMS is a social media platform that allows users to connect with each other, share their thoughts, and learn about the latest news. Our user-friendly design makes signing in or creating an account quick and easy. Once registered, you can participate in discussions about various topics, browse through different discussions and get involved in them, make friends with other users by connecting with them directly, or join groups of people with similar interests.

FMS stands for Freedom of Mind Solutions, it is a website where users can create anonymous profiles that are private by default. Users can choose to make their posts public if they want to post publicly or keep them private if they don't want anyone looking at their personal posts.

FMS uses blockchain technology to secure your account and give you full control over your personal information. Browse with peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, private, and cannot be hacked

Are you looking for a place to share your ideas and read articles about what's new in blockchain technology?

Meet FMS: the social media platform where you can post photos, videos, links, and more. Membership is free and takes less than a minute to sign up!

We’ve built a secure platform where people can safely express themselves and explore their interests. Nothing is more important to us than privacy, so we designed FMS with you in mind.

What are the unique aspects of this Project?

1. It uses web3 technology to provide a secure login and password system

2. It has an activity feed that shows users what their friends are up to.

3. It is a social media platform that allows users to share content and connect with others.

4. It has groups that users can join in order to connect with others who share their interests

Let's introduce you to FMS: a powerful CMS that offers a sleek interface, amazing functionality, and feature-rich tools. With FMS, you can share content with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest plus many more.

Let your audience know how easy it is to create a new account that is private or public using blockchain technology.

FMS platform is a secure update to traditional social media platforms. By utilizing web3 technology, FMS is able to provide users with a secure and user-friendly experience, like creating groups, you can now easily connect with those who are interested in the same content or hobbies as you.

Are you looking for a safe and secure social media platform? FMS has built-in security features that keep your account safe!

I think that FMS is a great website for users who would like to share their opinions with the world.

How it works

First of all, the FMS platform works with web3 technology, not like any social platform, which means you don't need an email or password to use it, and you don't need any personal data either. All you need is an empty web3 wallet to use to create an account and log in, so without it, you won't be able to access any of the platform services.

We recommend the Metamask Wallet, download it directly from the official website: https://metamask.io/download

it works with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera) and mobile Apps (Android & iOS).

Learn how to set up an account to use FMS platform



FMS Platform features

User Profiles

Avatars and Cover Images

Users can set their own avatars and cover images.

Customizable Profiles: Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.

Profile Settings: Users can set all of their notification and visibility preferences.

Profile Likes: Users can like other users’ profiles.

Responsive: Fully responsive design.

Activity Stream

Activity Posts: Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles.

Privacy: 3 default Privacy settings for users’ content: Public, Site Members, and Only Me.

Nested Comments: Comments under Posts are nested so users never lose track of the conversations.

Pinned Posts: Admins can pin posts to the top of the Activity Stream – these are great for making announcements.

Reporting: Users can report content they don’t agree with or find offensive. Admins get notified about it.


Comes with the ability to use hashtags on any Post: whether they’re made by users on an activity stream or in groups. They will be counted and added up, but posts will keep their privacy settings. Using hashtags in no way compromises privacy.

Hashtag Search: Hashtag search is built-in. You can search either by clicking a hashtag or by using the search field. Search also indicates to members what are the minimum and maximum character counts for hashtags. Search results will only show posts users are allowed to see, post privacy is fully respected.

Filtering: When filtering by hashtag, it’s automatically added to the postbox for easier post creation.

Blog Posts

Activity Stream: Automatically create a corresponding Post on Community Stream when a new blog post is published.

Reactions and Comments: blog posts can be reacted to and commented on. Comments and reactions are synced with the corresponding community posts.


Post a question for others to vote on: Polls allow Users to create polls in posts. Polls can be placed in the main activity stream, in users’ profiles, and even in groups, users can cast their votes once per poll “Multi-Select Polls, Single Select Polls”, The design is sleek and simple, and because it’s fully responsive, it looks great on mobile as well as on desktops. Logged-out users can see polls in posts, but can’t vote or see the poll results. They are prompted to log in so they could vote and see the results. Multi-Select Polls, Single Select Polls are available

Polls results: After casting a vote, users can see the poll results.

Ask away everywhere: Polls can be attached to User Status Updates and added to Group Status Updates.


Send gifs in comments and chat the best way to search, share, and discover GIFs on the Internet. Like other search engines, most of their content comes from indexing based on the best and most popular GIFs and search terms across the web, now the whole vast library of GIFs from GIPHY can be added to comments under posts, as well as shared via chat. It’s a great way to react to a post or a message.

Live On-site Notifications

Post Comment: Sent when someone comments on users’ posts.

User Reply Comment: Sent when someone replies to users’ comments.

Comment Reaction: Sent when someone reacts to users’ comments.

Members listing: Members list, including Member search and filtering.

RTL support: Support for Rights to Left languages like Arabic or Hebrew

Security: Built-in security configuration, preventing brute force attacks and more.

Ban Hammer: Possibility to ban users temporarily or permanently.

GDPR: Built-in GDPR Compliance settings


Create Groups: create Open, Closed, and Secret user groups. and participate in more defined group discussions. Communities, especially those revolving around a general topic, require groups as a handy tool. They allow users to focus on a particular thing. also comes with the possibility of creating announcement groups where only group owners can create new posts.

Privacy: Open, Closed, Secret, and Announcement groups can be created.

Group Invitations: Invite users to groups.

Add users to group: Community Admins can add users to groups.

Group Notifications: Groups come with their own set of notifications regarding posts and user actions like invitations.

Group Categories: Assign groups to specific categories.

Optional Announcement Stream Posts: You can announce the joining of a user to the group, by enabling an automatic post about it on Group Activity Stream.

Pinned Posts: Posts can be pinned within groups on top of the group activity stream.

Admin notifications: notifications to Admins when ...

Group User Roles: Group Owner, Manager, Moderator, and Member roles.

Photos and Albums: create Photos and Photo Albums in Groups.

Audio & Video: share videos in groups.


Communicate via private messages & real-time chat. a convenient way for members to message each other privately. and also the possibility to create private group messages between many members.

Real-time Chat: Chat works in real-time. Always.

Resource-Friendly: Chat has been optimized for minimal server usage.

On-site notifications: Real-time on-site notifications.

Group Chat: Chat and Messages work with one-on-one or group conversations.


Friend connections and “friends” privacy level. members add friends, accept or decline friend requests, and set their post privacy to “Friends Only.”

Add Friends & Follow: users make friends, as well as follow other members.

Friends Birthday: Shows upcoming friends’ birthdays and birthday announcements on the day of the birthday.

My Friends: Shows the latest friends when published.

Mutual Friends: When looking at the members listing, you can see who is a mutual friend.

Mention Friends: Users can mention their friends in Status Updates and Comments.

Friends Only: Users can write posts only for friends to see.

On-site Notifications: Users get on-site notifications about pending friend requests.

Make Friends with Everyone: Automatically create friendly relations between a selected user and the entire community.

New User Friends: Decide whether to create new friendship connections between a selected user and newly registered ones.


Upload photos and create albums in profiles and groups. members upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages, and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a beautiful theatre view window, allowing members to comment, react and show them to their friends.

Photos tab to profile pages and to Groups. It comes with My Photos and Community Photos, Profile Photo Albums, Groups Photo Albums, GIF support, and much more!

Photos in Status Posts: Upload Photos to Posts, Comments, Profiles, and Groups.

Community Photos: Shows the latest photos of your entire community (photos show respecting their privacy settings).

My Photos: Shows latest photos. When placed in the user profile, it shows the user’s photos to profile visitors.

Theatre: Photos are shown in theatre view with photo descriptions and comments on the right.

GIF support: upload GIFs to Status Updates and in Comments.

Status Updates: Optional automatic status updates when a user changes their avatar or cover images.

Photos in Chat: upload photos in Chat conversations.

Photo Albums: Create Photo Albums in Profiles and Groups.

Image Quality: Control the image quality of photos and their thumbnails to optimize their file sizes.

More: There are more configuration and settings options available.

Audio & Video

uploads Audio & Video directly: also link videos such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The videos show in a theatre view for an easy and comfortable viewing experience. Videos can also play inline within posts.

Audio files come with artwork, if available, via built-in last.fm integration.

Members can comment on, react to and share the videos, generating engagement and interaction.

Full support for live streaming via YouTube and other supported providers. Just copy the link to your live stream and post it in the video-sharing feature in the postbox, and you’re done.

puts the Audio & Video tab on profile pages and within Groups, and it displays all the videos members have uploaded. It also comes with showing user content and community-wide video content: My Media and Community Media.

Audio Uploads: Upload audio files right to the community. Perfect for podcasts, music artists, and more.

Supported Providers

supports all major providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

Community Media: Shows the latest Videos of your entire community (videos show depending on their privacy setting).

Live Stream Videos: Support for Live Streaming via YouTube and other supported providers.

My Videos: Shows ’ latest videos. When placed in the user profile, it shows the user’s videos to profile visitors.

Share Videos: Share videos to User Profiles and Groups.

Video previews: Generate video previews on mouse hover.

Audio and/or Video: You can allow video and/or audio files to be shared.

Last.fm integration: Last.fm integration allows to automatically pull album cover art for audio files.

File Uploads

Upload files from a computer or phone directly: this allows users to upload any type of file. It doesn’t only have to be media files.

files type: PDF, TXT, ZIP, DOCX, PSD, or basically any file type in the known universe, files can be uploaded in chat, groups, and even in comments.

Upload Permissions: user role can upload files with the User Limits.

Chat: upload files directly in chat.

Groups: post files in groups and make them group-specific.

Upload Files in Comments: upload files in comments within your Community, alongside the comment text.

File Upload: Show recent uploads to Community.

Upload Limits: the number of files that can upload on a daily basis, as well as the space allowed per user. Also, determine the permitted maximum size of files.


Powerful calendar solution to manage your events, Featuring a full profile integration and custom-tailored RSVP system, all tied with stream and notifications.

Automatically post to stream: Generate community posts when a new event is published and/or when someone decides to attend.

User Limits

Granular control over user actions. Take better control of your community! This plugin lets you restrict user access to selected abilities, based on their role and/or required percentage of profile completeness, and/or required custom avatar upload.

Hide Members: Hide any Member from the Members page.

Hide Incomplete Profiles: Hide users from the Members page until they fill in the required amount of profile fields.

Comments: Don’t allow posting comments by users without an avatar and/or until the user fills the required amount of profile fields.

Groups: restrict group creation, group post and group join actions until the user fills in the required amount of profile fields.

Chat: disable new conversation creation until the user fills in the required amount of profile fields.

Friends: disable sending friend requests until the user fills in the required amount of profile fields.

Photos: disable photo uploads until the user fills in the required amount of profile fields.

Videos: disable video sharing until the user fills in the required amount of profile fields.

Polls: Don’t allow posting Polls by users without an avatar and/or until the user fills the required amount of profile fields.

FMS Membership types and powers


Beautiful User Profiles: The theme gives you more options to choose from. Simply pick the one that best design. If that is not enough, control the position of the user's avatar and its size, as well as the profile cover height.

Paint The Chat: Chose the colors for a chat so it can really “pop” from the rest of the site.

Group Avatar and Cover Sizes: Change the sizes and height of group avatars and covers.

Pinned Posts Style: Highlight pinned posts by changing the border size and color to make them stand out more.

Photos In-Stream: Change the width of individual photos or the entire gallery.

Responsive: Works great on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Flexible Layout: Fluid or fixed width, different sidebar sizes, columns gap.

Browser Support: Supports all modern desktop browsers.

Lightweight: Super-fast loading times unobstructed by redundant scripts.

FMS Token

FMS Tokens run on 2 networks, internal and external

On-chain ”external “

Name: FMS social network

Symbol: FMS

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 FMS

Network: Polygon

Explorer: 0x649EBee9cddf8373376dc7AEAbE8B975fC8706b8

FMS Token Allocation

CEXs Listing - Old FM Token Holders: 45%

FMS platform reward: 30%

FMS Store Public Sale: 15%

Liquidity: 5%

Team: 5%

Off-chain” FMS platform reward “internal”

Name: FMS point

Symbol: FMS

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000,000 FMS

Network: FMTLOL

Explorer: https://fmtlol.com/explorer

Available for deposit and withdrawal from/to external

Note!! Rewards for activities will expire once the full amount has been distributed

use cases

Official payment method in FMS platform

Used to buy paid memberships

Advanced members can sell products for them

Members can send them to each other as gifts

Other services will be added soon

Get in touch: info@fmtlol.com

Founder and CEO: Aboanan Linkedin telegram

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