Audio & Video

uploads Audio & Video directly: also link videos such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The videos show in a theatre view for an easy and comfortable viewing experience. Videos can also play inline within posts.

Audio files come with artwork, if available, via built-in integration.

Members can comment on, react to and share the videos, generating engagement and interaction.

Full support for live streaming via YouTube and other supported providers. Just copy the link to your live stream and post it in the video-sharing feature in the postbox, and you’re done.

puts the Audio & Video tab on profile pages and within Groups, and it displays all the videos members have uploaded. It also comes with showing user content and community-wide video content: My Media and Community Media.

Audio Uploads: Upload audio files right to the community. Perfect for podcasts, music artists, and more.

Supported Providers

supports all major providers such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

Community Media: Shows the latest Videos of your entire community (videos show depending on their privacy setting).

Live Stream Videos: Support for Live Streaming via YouTube and other supported providers.

My Videos: Shows ’ latest videos. When placed in the user profile, it shows the user’s videos to profile visitors.

Share Videos: Share videos to User Profiles and Groups.

Video previews: Generate video previews on mouse hover.

Audio and/or Vide

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