Upload photos and create albums in profiles and groups. members upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages, and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a beautiful theatre view window, allowing members to comment, react and show them to their friends.

Photos tab to profile pages and to Groups. It comes with My Photos and Community Photos, Profile Photo Albums, Groups Photo Albums, GIF support, and much more!

Photos in Status Posts: Upload Photos to Posts, Comments, Profiles, and Groups.

Community Photos: Shows the latest photos of your entire community (photos show respecting their privacy settings).

My Photos: Shows latest photos. When placed in the user profile, it shows the user’s photos to profile visitors.

Theatre: Photos are shown in theatre view with photo descriptions and comments on the right.

GIF support: upload GIFs to Status Updates and in Comments.

Status Updates: Optional automatic status updates when a user changes their avatar or cover images.

Photos in Chat: upload photos in Chat conversations.

Photo Albums: Create Photo Albums in Profiles and Groups.

Image Quality: Control the image quality of photos and their thumbnails to optimize their file sizes.

More: There are more configuration and settings options available.

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