Create Groups: create Open, Closed, and Secret user groups. and participate in more defined group discussions. Communities, especially those revolving around a general topic, require groups as a handy tool. They allow users to focus on a particular thing. also comes with the possibility of creating announcement groups where only group owners can create new posts.

Privacy: Open, Closed, Secret, and Announcement groups can be created.

Group Invitations: Invite users to groups.

Add users to group: Community Admins can add users to groups.

Group Notifications: Groups come with their own set of notifications regarding posts and user actions like invitations.

Group Categories: Assign groups to specific categories.

Optional Announcement Stream Posts: You can announce the joining of a user to the group, by enabling an automatic post about it on Group Activity Stream.

Pinned Posts: Posts can be pinned within groups on top of the group activity stream.

Admin notifications: notifications to Admins when ...

Group User Roles: Group Owner, Manager, Moderator, and Member roles.

Photos and Albums: create Photos and Photo Albums in Groups.

Audio & Video: share videos in groups.

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